• Your voice into MIDI, instantly.

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Your voice into MIDI, instantly.

Dubler Studio Kit


"Digging it, hard! This is a very cool piece of gear for anyone who loves making music...This is the ground floor of a beautiful, less limited, world of production. Get involved!"

— Will


"We’ve had a full week with it now...Dubler is the Babel fish of musical instruments. It’s a very special invention. It serves both as a unique instrument and wonderful teaching tool. Can’t wait to experiment with it live."

— Frenchships Music


"It's a kind of magic. The Dubler Studio Kit delivers a tremendous increase in possibilities for people like me, with poor theoretical knowledge of music. I'm experimenting in an ongoing way now, lots of fun."  

— Henri K

What's in the box?

— The Dubler software.
A virtual MIDI instrument (desktop application for Mac + PC) Compatible with any DAW.

— The Dubler microphone.
A low latency custom USB mic, to guarantee optimal performance.

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Dubler Studio Kit = unparalleled musical expression.

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